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Nokia MasterCode Generator V1.0

Posted by System Analisa on June 7, 2008

Nokia MasterCode Generator V1.0 NEW!

Compatible with ALL Microsoft Windows OS’s
Standalone program – NO Internet connection required.

Our latest release to date is the Nokia MasterCode Generator. This unique program will calculate a unique master code which will bypass the security/lock code on Nokia handsets. We have simplified this program for optimum use; simply enter the phones IMEI and click calculate – within a split second the MasterCode will be displayed on screen.

The development and release of this program will give you an excellent opportunity to have the leading edge on you competitor. So the next time a customer arrives looking to remove the security from thier phone there will be no need to use any hardware, no need to flash the phone or use any potentially damaging brute force method to remove the security code. Our master code generator is based our Nokia’s original algorithm which is integrated into the program to give you an excellent resource when and where its needed. Customers who have bought any of our previous software releases will automatically receive a discount when purchasing any future software products .


One Response to “Nokia MasterCode Generator V1.0”

  1. Bos ada link downloadsnya nggak yang freeee

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