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Norton Internet Security 2007 Reviews

Posted by System Analisa on May 22, 2008

General comments: Good thing is that Norton Internet Security 2007 is an all in one package and it’s effective – how effective I don’t know because I’ve used several thereafter which detected far more ‘baddies’ than Norton! Oh it hogs resources! Whenever you’re trying to work, Norton will decide to go look for updates. I re-set everything to manual but it still had some processes which would just start up when you least needed it!

It has been a problem since installation. Half the time an “unexpected error” occurs that disables Auto-Protect. Tried all solutions suggested by Symantec but it still does not work. Impossible to turn Auto-Protect back on unless rebooting. Although Symantec claims that the program is “light” it takes ages to start up. Problems solved when the program was uninstall ed. Installed another anti-virus /internet protection software which works just fine. (Win XP Service Pack2, AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Co


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