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Easy Tips Overcome the Full Memory

Posted by System Analisa on May 22, 2008

To maximize the this application memory division [is] required [by] a additional application [is] so-called by ” app [is] manager” ( this application App man able to facilitate we see the information mendetail [of] about memory division used in ponsel.

In the following [is] we will give the easy tips to overcome the memory of ponsel you which is full (of), way of this can be [done/conducted] for the ponsel of by Operating [is] System Symbian version 8 ( Nokia 6630), its steps as follows

1. Instal beforehand application of app man [of] if you not yet owned [it]
2. Kill the ponsel, depress the knob edit pictorial [of] pencil at the same time animate the ponsel. Remain to hold up to depress the the knob till full ponsel life
3. Step this [done/conducted] to start ponsel in a condition save mode and [do/conduct] to bypass all application autoexec in ponsel
4. Step into the menu profile and select;choose the offline profile
5. Step into the menu themes, select;choose the default
6. Running mentioned application App manager [of] diinstal
7. Step into the menu of tab Running Application to see the application which active medium, select;choose the option, more, close all apps
8. If mentioned step [do] not ammapu close all application which active medium, you have to close [it] one by one by chosening option, more, kill aplication
9. Don’T close the apliaksi ” Phone” in consequence represent the system aplication and of course don’t close also application of App Man which our [is] medium use
10. Hereinafter enter again to next menu tab right side, to see the ” processes” tab to see the process [of] any kind of which underway. Taking example to shift the navigator keys to process ” Menu”
11. Selecting option. More, kill process, select.. repeat to close some process which [do] not too important like Autolock, Screen Saver, Btserver, USBWATCHER, Faxmodem, other external application like SW_FSCALLER, SW_SP_DAEMON, and others
12. BUT BEWARE OF! Don’T close the process system owning sign draw or process other;dissimilar which you not yet know surely. Because if terminating the process, ponsel will [do/conduct] to restart quickly and all step must be done repeat from early
13. For the system of process like Autolock or screen saver will automatically [do/conduct] to restart [by] xself so that require to [do/conduct] the lebihdari [of] thrice kill process to give the result
14. Nowadays step into the menu tab ” Summary” select;choose the option, compress memory, select.. later;then go out from app manager
15. If you succeed hence you can economize the memory till 9 MB from LOUVRE and addition of capacities of space memory more empty from early.
16. [Is] such as those which mentioned [by] early [so that/ to be] taking a care to [do/conduct] this step, but needn’t worry happened something wrong [at] ponsel, your karen ajika [is] wrong hence ponsel will restart by itself or you earn direct restart the ponsel and all process system will [in] load repeat from within ROM ponsel, altogether return like ready [of] scorpion


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